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Why Honors Fellows?

Participating in Lyon's Honors Fellows Program speaks volumes about your abilities and aspirations as a student. An Honors education is measurably broader, deeper, and more complex than traditional undergraduate studies. It provides challenging courses and research opportunities, funding for travel abroad, faculty mentoring, a distinctive learner-directed environment, and tailored classes that fit both the College's mission and your aspirations.

Tailored classes

Honors Fellows take their core classes in an Honors setting; only Fellows may attend these class sections. And, since every student at Lyon completes the core curriculum, Fellows with considerable major hours to achieve are no more burdened than non-Fellows.

Faculty Mentoring

Fellows advisors work with Fellows to personalize their education at Lyon. Advisors assist Fellows with balancing Honors courses and credits, preparing for travel abroad, and conducting independent study and research.

Honors Fellows can propose special projects known as "contracts" within their major that they can then work on under their faculty advisor's supervision. This close relationship with faculty members allows Fellows to hone their research skills and to think creatively both inside and outside their studies. 

Honors Housing

First-year Honors Fellows share a floor on one of Lyon’s new deluxe residence halls. After their first year, Fellows choose their res halls as part of the College’s normal room selection process as they spread across campus and forge new connections.



Honors Fellows enjoy subsidized domestic travel to destinations such as Boston and San Francisco at the end of their sophomore year.