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Tuition and Fees

At Lyon College, we are committed to making an educational experience of the highest quality available to students. With a combination of affordable costs, extensive merit-based scholarship and financial aid programs, and first-tier academic programs, Lyon College has been regularly recognized as one of higher education's best bargains among private, selective liberal arts colleges.

2019-20 Tuition and Fees

Educational Investment
Tuition (12+ credits)* $28,550
Technology & Student Activity Fees* $590
Housing (standard double room)* $5,410
Dining Plan (14 meals/wk + $50 flex)* $4,400
Campus Parking complimentary
Athletic Events complimentary
Printing complimentary
Laundry complimentary
Academic Tutoring complimentary
On-Campus Post Office Box complimentary
Cultural Events & Festivals complimentary
Concerts complimentary
Outdoor Equipment Rentals complimentary
Health & Wellness Center Visits complimentary
Career Center/Access to Alumni Network complimentary
Counseling Center complimentary
Total yearly cost: $38,950


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The educational investment covers all of the services and features above, plus more! At Lyon, you not only enjoy our campus and all its amenities, but also you receive a top liberal arts education from what Forbes calls "one of America's top colleges." The latest numbers show that 99% of our graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation, making the educational investment worth it!

The educational investment does not cover the costs associated with purchasing textbooks and course supplies.



residential diNING PLANS
Unlimited Plan Unlimited Meals + $200 Flex per year $5,000
18 Plus* 18 meals/week + $200 Flex per year $4,800
18 18 meals/week + $30 Flex per year $4,650
14 Plus* 14 meals/week + $250 Flex per year $4,600
14 14 meals/week + $50 Flex per year $4,400
10 Plus* 10 meals/week + $270 Flex per year $4,220
10 10 meals/week + $70 Flex per year $4,020
*Formerly called "Premium"


Housing options
    Double Single
Standard: Blandford Hall          $5,410       $6,570
  Hoke-McCain Hall $5,410 $6,570
  Love Hall $5,410 $6,570
  McRae Hall $5,410 $6,570
  Spragins Hall $5,410 $6,570
  Wilson & Rogers Hall $5,410 $6,570
Premium: Brown & Barton Apartments $6,010 $7,170
  Sturbridge Apartments $6,010 $7,170
  Whiteside Hall $6,010 $7,170
  Wilson Hall $6,010 $7,170
Pet-friendly: Bryan Hall $6,010 $7,170
*The College reserves the right to increase tuition, room, and/or board if an increase in food or utility costs should demand. The Student Activity Fee is dedicated to the Lyon College Student Government Association for allocation to student organizations. Commuter Meal Plans are available to commuter students only. All students living on-campus must choose a Residential meal plan. Pet-friendly housing requires a $200 refundable cleaning deposit by the pet owner, due 2 weeks before animal arrives on campus. Those choosing to be a roommate of a pet-owner are not responsible for the pet deposit.

Commuting From Home/Living Off-Campus

Educational Investment
Tuition (12+ credits) $28,550
Technology & Student Activity Fees $490
Total basic costs: $29,040
commuter diNING PLANS
Commuter Plus* 5 meals/week + $200 Flex per year $1,880
Commuter* 5 meals/week + $100 Flex per year $1,780

The educational investment does not include books or specific course fees.

All Lyon College students are required to reside on campus until they are 21, unless they commute from their parent’s or spouse's permanent address. Single, full-time students under 21 years of age and living 30 or more miles from the Lyon campus are required to reside on campus. Single, full-time students under 21 years of age may commute daily from the home of their parents or legal guardians if within 30 miles of the campus. Students who are veterans, reside with their spouse, or are 21 years of age or older may reside off campus provided that they have informed the Director of Residence Life in writing prior to the asssignment of on-campus housing. The Dean of Students must approve any exception to these policies. Living on campus within a student-focused, caring community provides wonderful opportunities for students to get involved in all areas of academic and campus life.



Presidential Scholars

Tuition $300 per credit hour

Presidential Scholars are high school students taking classes at Lyon. For more information about this program, contact admissions@lyon.edu.


Summer School Fees 2019

Tuition per credit $250