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Lyon College Faculty

Fine Arts

The fine arts faculty allow students to develop practical, creative, and conceptual skills in visual arts, music, theatre, and Scottish arts. Exceptional in their fields, the fine arts faculty assist students in not only exploring a broad range of media and disciplines but also developing unique voices through critical inquiry, theory, and practical application.


The humanities faculty assist students in examining and interpreting the human condition through language, literature, religion, philosophy, and the arts. Through a diverse, multidisciplinary curriculum, students will engage in the open-minded and informed study of human tradition and our collective cultural heritage.

Math & Science

The math and science faculty help students build a critical understanding of math and science, from eigenvalues and particle theory to ecology and biochemistry.

Social Sciences

The social sciences faculty allow students to explore human and animal behavior, social relationships, through historical and comparative lenses. Through courses in psychology, anthropology, and education, students will acquire the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary to understand human society and the natural world.