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Theatre Studies

Dramatic art represents the culmination of all arts put forth for the purpose of advancing human interaction, reflecting and challenging broader culture, and fostering a firmer sense of the individual self. Students investing in the study of dramatic art will develop skills in oral communication, research methods, interpersonal relationships, and team building collaboration. In addition, students will develop skills in the critical evaluation of text and performance in a variety of perspectives including theoretical, cultural, and historical as a means of better understanding the world around them. 

The theatre studies major is an interdisciplinary major designed to educate students in non-technical aspects of theatre while also instilling in them an appreciation for how other fine arts contribute to and enhance theatre production. The major serves anyone wishing to pursue graduate school in non-technical areas of theatre as well as those seeking careers in professional theatre as actors, playwrights, directors, and dramaturges. The skills learned in the course of this major are not confined to professional or academic theatre employment. Theatre studies majors learn skills well-suited for careers in public relations, teaching, sales, marketing, business, and human resources among many of other possibilities.

Theatre studies majors are required, in some capacity, to participate in all Harlequin Theatre productions.

Theatre studies majors must select one of the following emphases: 

Art: The art concentration is designed to supplement instruction for those students interested in the technical design elements of theatre. Art courses will aid students in learning some of the basic skills necessary for a technical designer, including drafting and rendering, color theory, visual composition, and art history.

Music: The music concentration allows students interested in musical theory to develop their voices through choral performances and individual lessons, or both.

English: The English concentration aims to educate students interested in literary aspects of theatre. Students seeking admission to Ph.D. programs for theatre or those interested in serving as teachers or dramaturges would benefit from this concentration.


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