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Teacher Education Program

Teacher Education Program

Lyon College’s teacher education program is firmly rooted in the liberal arts. Our program, which is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), offers programs of study for teacher licensure in elementary education (K-6); secondary education (7-12) in English, math and social studies; and K-12 choral music.

In order to pursue teacher licensure, all candidates must submit to a criminal records check and meet testing and grade point average requirements prior to practicum placement in the junior year. While finishing the majors in the senior year, all candidates who are formally admitted by the Liberal Arts Teacher Education Committee participate in a year-long senior internship experience in one of several local partnership school districts.

Candidates must earn passing scores on the state-approved content assessment prior to completing the program and on the state-approved pedagogical assessment prior to recommendation for licensure.

The Elementary Education Major (K-6)

The Elementary Education (K-6) major at Lyon is designed to prepare students to be effective, committed, caring teachers at the elementary level.

Through a course of study grounded in the liberal arts, the major fosters intellectual skills, humane instincts, content and pedagogical competence, and an understanding of the developmental processes of children.

Candidates pursuing teacher licensure in elementary education must complete the major, all required field experiences including the year-long teaching internship, and additional testing and professional development as required by the state of Arkansas.

The Secondary Education Concentration (7-12)

The Secondary Education concentration prepares students in qualifying majors who wish to teach at the secondary school level. The curriculum offered adds professional training and classroom experience to a solid education in the liberal arts.

Candidates pursuing secondary licensure complete a liberal arts major in the teaching field and a concentration in secondary education. Qualified majors for teacher licensure currently include English, math, and history.

The K-12 Music Education Concentration

The K-12 Education Concentration prepares students for licensure at the K-12 level in choral music education.

Candidates pursuing licensure in choral music at the K-12 level must complete the music major with emphasis on coursework in vocal music and the education concentration which adds professional training and classroom experience.

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Dr. Kimberly Crosby
Assistant Professor of Education & Director of Teacher Education

Office 314 in the Lyon Business and Economics Building