Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the students’ voice in shaping and developing college policies and priorities. Through its channels, students make known their ideas, opinions, and concerns and become involved in the development of college policies. Through it's own budgetary resources, SGA has a direct influence upon the quality of campus life by providing programs, co-sponsoring others and appropriating funds to support various student initiatives in strengthening the quality of life at Lyon.

The executive officers of SGA are elected by a vote of the student body. The SGA officers, along with elected representatives of all campus residences, commuter students, non-traditional students, and two elected representatives of each class at Lyon make up the Student Assembly, a student organization responsible for legislating issues of student life and an important element in the College governance system.

Every student admitted to Lyon is a member of the SGA. Students are encouraged to vote in elections, and to convey their opinions and concerns to their representatives, who work with the administration to plan activities and strengthen students life at the College.