Career Development Center



Career Center Mission Statement:

"To further Lyon College’s goal of providing a liberal arts education that develops the whole person. "

Staff members provide students with guidance and opportunities tailored to meet their individual career development needs. By exploring personal traits and values, cultivating abilities and skills and acquiring career-related information and experience, students attain increased competence and confidence in their ability to create career paths leading to personal fulfillment, success, significance, and service.

The Career Development Center:

  • Provides a supportive environment for students to explore and plan their career path, offering guidance and opportunities tailored to meet their individual career development needs. The Center’s open door policy encourages students to build relationships with Career Center staff and feel comfortable seeking assistance.


  • Offers many resources, including a library of career exploration tools, professional and graduate school information, as well as workshops, career events and personalized assistance with internships, resume building, interview skills and more. Explore the Student Resources link


  • Offers a way to earn academic credit while you explore your career options and develop lifelong career skills. Students can now enroll in BUS 208, a one credit business seminar entitled “Career Professionalism”. In it, you will assess your personality traits, skills, and values and develop or confirm a career direction. You will create a powerful resume and other marketing documents, polish your interview skills, and develop other career and networking skills that will be useful throughout your lifetime.


Questions? Contact the Career Center!


Vicki Webb

Director of Career Development

Office located in Edwards Commons