Student Life

Student Life at Lyon intentionally engages students in the most critical elements of their education, striving to foster relationships, sponsor programs, and to generate a lively and compelling campus life which actively contributes to each student’s learning and growth. Lyon students study, play, worship, compete, and prepare for lives of leadership and service. The honor and social systems provide the foundation for the development of character, integrity, and personal responsibility. The houses at Lyon offer daily lessons in communication, collaboration, respect for self and others, and building important relationship skills.

Co-curricular participation increases each student’s level of success at Lyon. Attending events and activities, joining clubs and organizations, and further developing leadership skills all lead to increased satisfaction with the college experience and prepare students for success following graduation.

Explore the campus life section of the webpage to learn more about how the Student Life staff work with students to strengthen their level of achievement of the key learning outcomes in the student life mission statement, the development of skills in: communication, intellectual openness, personal self-discovery, leadership, civic engagement, and life-long learning.