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Strategic Plan

Four-Year Goals And High Level Strategies

I. By 2022, Lyon will have enrollment growth to a range between 1100 and 1250, recognizing the need for appropriate support of faculty and staff, and continued nurturing of relationships between students, faculty, and staff.

1. Improve Lyon’s systems and processes based on reliable data
2. Utilize retention as a growth strategy
3. Develop a strong recruiting strategy

  •  Increase our reach by targeting new and growing geographic areas
  • Use affinity groups as a primary approach for recruiting

4. Increase, significantly, our public profile as a national liberal arts college


II. By 2022, Lyon will have a robust, interdisciplinary liberal arts academic program, enhanced by opportunities for experiential learning and a culture that fosters creativity and innovation.

1. Re-examine the core to enhance global scope and interdisciplinary connections

  • Identify purpose
  • Identify outcomes
  • Construct the core curriculum based on its purpose and specifically identified student learning outcomes

2. Promote innovative academic programs

  • Further develop and enhance majors, minors, and areas of concentration
  • Connect liberal arts traditions to post-graduate opportunities and outcomes

3. Provide students with experiential learning opportunities

  • Study abroad expansion
  • Undergraduate research
  • Internship support/expansion
  • Student teaching (broad context)
  • Apply staffing and resources to support these opportunities

4. Provide substantive support for faculty and staff

  • Compensation
  • Time
  • Professional development


III. By 2022, Lyon will have a diverse and inclusive residential community focused on educating the whole person.

1. Develop a diverse community

  • Develop intentional recruitment and retention plans to add diversity to faculty, staff, and students
  • Add more diversity oriented courses and co-curricular programming
  • Develop a subgroup to measure outcomes

2. Enhance the residential experience

  • Plan to increase number of faculty and staff living on campus
  • Update/increase residential facilities
  • Intentionally integrate academic and co-curricular programs where appropriate

3. Develop and educate the whole student

  • Apply staffing and resources to a community service outreach program
  • Provide high quality fitness and health programming and resources
  • Enhance (or create new) opportunities for the exploration of spiritual/faith life


IV. By 2022, Lyon will exemplify a broad based and fully engaged community including strong alumni connectivity and local/regional partnerships.

1. Expand and enhance service and outreach campus wide and via enhanced visibility in the community
2. Market and promote outreach and service engagement programs to highlight to the community the efforts being made by the College
3. Enhance alumni relations

  • Mentoring programs
  • Multigenerational events
  • Broad based marketing

4. Build on community relationships

  • Increased internship programs in the community/with alumni
  • Opportunities for the community to engage on campus


Implementation, Assessment, and Reporting: The generation of operational and assessment plans is the responsibility of appropriate constituencies. Progress will be reported to the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee.


Faculty Assembly April 10, 2018
Staff Assembly April 13, 2018
Board of Trustees April 20, 2018