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Spectra Alliance

Spectra Alliance

Purpose: An organization dedicated to uniting the Lyon College LGBTQQIAP2+ and straight community in the fight against homophobia and discrimination and promote safe sex and knowledge of sexual health.

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Spectra Alliance Officers

President: Tiffany Booth Email: tiffany.booth@lyon.edu

Vice-President: Austin Conard Email: james.conard@lyon.edu

Secretary: Mary Margaret Brankin Email: marymargaret.brankin@lyon.edu

Treasurer: Sara Bowers Email: sara.bowers@lyon.edu

Historian: Ellyson Vasquez Email: ellyson.vasquez@lyon.edu

Public Relations: Amy Taylor Email: amy.taylor@lyon.edu

Event Coordinator: Jhanay Turner Email: jhanay.turner@lyon.edu

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Daniels Email: jennifer.daniels@lyons.edu

Regular Meeting Times

Derby 21 at 6pm Every Monday

Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office 107 in the Derby Center for Science and Mathematics