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Rules/Captain's Info

Rules/Captain's Info

All Captains are responsible for knowing Lyon College's Intramural Policies

Policy Handbook

Common policies that you need to know as a captain:

  • As a captain you are responsible for registering your teams, communicating with players on the team, and selecting your team's preferred time preferences for scheduling.
  • You are responsible to educate your team on the rules of the sport.
  • Make sure that you have only eligible players on your team. Some examples of ineligible players are:
    • Player that has been ejected and not reinstated
    • Having more than 1 former college players in a like sport that has been on a college roster
    • Non-team members
    • A player that plays on more than one single gender team in a sport
  • If a player on your team has been ejected from a game or accumulated three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, they must meet with the Intramural Director and/or Dean of Students to be reinstated
  • Every player on your team must be signed up on IMLeagues and on your team roster by the playoffs/tournaments. If the player is not on your teams IMLeague roster they will be ineligible for the playoffs/tournament.