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Residence Life Policy

Living on campus at Lyon affords you many opportunities to face challenges head on, achieve in a variety of areas, and grow as an individual. However, these things can happen only when students actively participate and support the community ideals described below.

Your rights in our community include the following:

  • Socializing in your room
  • Sleeping and studying without disturbance
  • Living in a supportive and educational community
  • Living in a secure, healthy, and clean environment
  • Enjoying access to a variety of programs, services, and facilities, and involving yourself and others in promoting an educational, open, respectful, responsible, caring, involving, and celebrative community

Your responsibilities in our community include following:

  • Considering the needs of other residents and balancing them with your own needs
  • Promoting the care of physical facilities, equipment, and services
  • Communicating with other residents and staff members
  • Letting other residents know when they are disturbing you
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the community by getting involved
  • Promoting campus and individual safety and demonstrating dignity and respect for all individuals

In order to ensure these rights are protected and students are aware of their responsibilities, residence life has established policies and procedures to provide a framework for what happens in the residence halls and the Residence Life Program. It is every student's responsibility to be familiar with and adhere to the Residence Life and College Policy. 

For more information on the community standards that govern student behavior at Lyon College, refer to the Lyon College Student Handbook.