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Research Paper Help Center

Mentor Teacher Information

If you are a teacher that has been asked to be an academic year Mentor for a current program participant completing the UBMS research paper, you can fill out the registration form online, or print it out and mail it in using the links below.

Mentor Online Registration Form

Academic Mentor Timeline & Requirements

Mentor Signature Page

UBMS Paper Guidelines

Research Paper Guidelines (PDF)

UBMS Research Paper Outline

Grading Rubric (PDF)

Writing Help

Purdue University Writing Lab


Research Topics and Resources

Mathematical Modeling - Dr. Chapman

Genetics - Dr. Oliveira

Model Rocketry - Dr. Thomas

As their final project this summer, my students each designed their own rockets using OpenRocket software. Instead of an at-home written report, I’d like them to build the rockets that they designed, and then submit photos of the completed rockets along with their design files.

DNA Barcoding - Dr. Jones

Organic Compunds: Pros and Cons - Dr. Nawarathne

Here is the reading material you could use for your research paper for UBMS. The topic I suggest that you do the research paper on is "Organic Compounds, Pros and Cons". You can choose to read and write about plastics, opioids or painkillers, and antibiotics using the attached reading material based on your interest. You have read about antibiotics already, so it might be easier, but the other topics are even more interesting. Good luck!

Happiness Research - Dr. Danek

Geometry in Nature - Dr. Wijetunge

Ecology- Dr. Dodd

Internet Resources

Type in your topic into the search boxes of these reputable scientific publications to get links to scientifically accurate articles and other reliable sources of information.

National Geographic



National Academy of Sciences

How to know if you can use a source in your paper:
To be used in a scientific paper, sources of information must come from scholarly sources (i.e. not be opinion based) and from authors who are credible.

Evaluating Internet Sources: Cheat-Sheet  (PDF)