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President's Council

President's Council

Established in 2004, the President's Council engages leaders in their professions and communities who share Lyon College's belief in the transforming value of a liberal arts education of highest quality.

The President's Council is a by-invitation-only group of distinguished business and civic leaders from across the state and region. Typically recommended by a member of Lyon's Board of Trustees, Council members work closely with the Lyon administration and Board in developing strategies to strengthen the College in all respects. Council members generally serve five-year renewable terms. As appropriate, Council members are encouraged to join with their spouses.

The Council is comprised of distinguished business and civic leaders who share their expertise with members of the Lyon Board of Trustees, executive staff, faculty, and with one another. Council members are successful women and men committed to advancing the mission of Lyon College and the purposes of higher education.


Council Members

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Kenton R. Adler
Drs. Charles F. and V. Anne Allen, '61
Dr. and Mrs. J.D. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Ray Allen, '70
Ms. Kay Kelley Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton David Avant, '78
Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Bailey
Mr. Marlon Banks, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Barber, '74, '77
Dr. and Mrs. Seth Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnett, '87
Mr. and Mrs. I. Nelson Barnett Jr.
Mr. Thomas Baxter
Mr. Thiago and Dr. Amber Bazler, '05, '04
Mr. Gary L. Bebow and Dr. Verona Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Belew
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bell, '78
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Bell, '46
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Bentley, '62, '67
Dr. and Mrs. John Black
Mrs. Paddy McClendon Blalock
Mrs. John D. Blyth
Drs. Heather and Brian Bobb, '97, '97
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nevil Boone, '63
Mr. Wayne Boyce
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William W. Branch
Mr. and Mrs. Lunsford Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bryant, '74, '82
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Buchanan, '05, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Buckliew
Mr. Alan Bufford, '84
Mr. and Mrs. William Randall Byars
Adm. Robert W. Carius
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carpenter
Mr. James and Dr. Djuana Cartillar Jr., '89
Dr. Robert Charles Cashner, '65
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Castleberry
Dr. Nancy A. Chase
Mr. and Mrs. George Chlebak
Dr. and Mrs. David Churchill, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cone
Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Cooke
Mrs. Cassie Creighton, '80
Dr. Vicky L. Crittenden, '78
Mr. and Mrs. James Crouch, '62
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Dahlquist, '92, '83
Mr. and Mrs. David Dame, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Daniel, '93
Mr. Ricky Davis, '80
Dr. Jamie Deere, '95
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dixon, '85, '82
Mr. and Mrs. Boris A. Dover
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Drilling
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Duty
Mr. Jason Earley, '99
Mr. and Mrs. William Elliott
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Emery
Mr. and Mrs. Phil B. Farris
Mr. Paul Fennig, '04
Mrs. Lois R. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fitzgerald
Ms. Frances Flener
Dr. Shane Ford, '95 and Mrs. Tanya Herndon Ford, '93
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey C. Fore Jr.
Mr. John Forkner, '89
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Paul Forrest, '97
Mrs. Deborah J. Frazier, '87
Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman
Dr. Deborah Fulbright, '75
Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Fulkerson, '63, '67
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Galbraith, '65, '65
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. William Carl Garner, '38
Mr. Zac and Dr. Tiffany Garrison, '95
Mr. Douglas Gillam, '03
Mr. James R. Gilliam Jr. '95
Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Gowen Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Preston W. Grace Jr., '60, '58
Mr. Rob Grace
Dr. Dorothy Landis Gray
Ms. Gwendolyn A. Green, '95
Ms. Sarah E. Greenwood, '00
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Griffin, '96, '03
Mr. Brien Hall '93
Ms. Gretchen A. Hall, '01
Ms. Trudy Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Hamilton, '94, '96
Mr. Eric Hance, '78
Mrs. Lou Ann Hance, '52
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hance, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harper, '93, '95
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Harris, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hegeman
Mr. and Mrs. David Heringer
Dr. Doin Hicks, '53
Mrs. Mary Dale Hicks
Mr. David Hidy
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Highsmith, '54
Ms. Theodora Frey Hightower, '54
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Holifield
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Holmberg Jr., '72, '73
Mr. and Mrs. R. Howard Hopkins, '62, '63
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. House
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. House
Mr. and Mrs. Mark House
Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Hughes, '73, '59
Mrs. Ginger L. Hyneman, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Elbert Jackson, '68
Dr. and Mrs. Jabez F. Jackson Jr.
Ms. Judy Jeffery, '69
Dr. and Mrs. Jay R. Jeffrey
Ms. Beverly Davis Johnson, '57
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Johnson, '66, '66
Dr. and Mrs. F. Bruce Johnston
Mr. David L. Jones, '99
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny J. Kent, '64, '88
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Ketz Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kimes, '02, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kirchner
Dr. Kathy Kramer, '71
Dr. Brandi Lancaster, '95
Mr. Lance Landers
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Lea
Mr. and Mrs. Ed D. Ligon Jr.
Mrs. Polly W. Livingston
Mr. Adam B. Long, '06
Mr. and Mrs. I. Lester Long Jr., '93, '93
Mr. Ed Mabry
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Malone, '96
Mr. Joshua H. Manning, '06
Mrs. Aimee Martin, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Tibor P. Mazar
Dr. and Mrs. W.L. McColgan Jr.
Dr. James T. McDonald
Ms. Lauren E. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Max McElmurry
Miss Josephine McGill
Mr. Thomas McGill
Dr. and Mrs. Clinton G. Melton
Mr. Andy S. Montgomery, 97
Mrs. Anne L. Moore, '63
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Moore
Mrs. Mary E. Mosley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nabholz
Mr. Charles C. Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Neaville
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Newcome
Ms. Sarah L. "Cricket" Oquist, '93
Mr. Bobby Osborne, '65
Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Owens, '59
The Rev. and Mrs. Limuel G. Parks Jr., '51
Mrs. Peggy M. Parks, '49
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Parnell, '65
Mr. and Mrs. John Peiserich, '95, '95
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Pickren
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Edward Pool, '76
Ms. Natalie R. Pruitt, '99
Mr. Phil Pulley
Ms. Jerra M. Quinton, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Railsback III
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Ransom
Mr. W. Len Rayburn, '91
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Reed, '48
Mr. Dwayne Reliford, '94
Dr. Tara Reynolds, '95
Mrs. Joyce Richey, '64
Dr. Wanda A. Rider
Mr. Lee K. Roberts II, '90
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Rogers, '88
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Rogers Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Rollins, '69
Mr. Kenneth J. Rueter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rugger, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Russell
Mr. James Shepherd Russell III
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rutherford, '77, '80
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Rutledge
Dr. Jacqueline Sachs, '89
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Schaaf
Mrs. Connie Schirmer
Mr. and Mrs. David Seitz
Mrs. Sara Bork Sergent '03
Mrs. Amy J. Shaver, '61
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Shelton, '00, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy G. Shirrell, '58, '59
Mr. Jeff Showalter
Mr. and Mrs. William Ray Simpson III, '01
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. James L. St. John, '67
Mr. and Mrs. Mooney Starr
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Starzy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stroud
Mrs. Margaret Ladd Sturch
Mr. Donald R. Taylor, '01
Drs. Terrell and Diane Tebbetts
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley C. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Steve G. Thomas, '84
Mr. and Mrs. Chris L. Thompson, '08, '06
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thompson
Dr. Jason Timmons, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Townsley
Mr. Lawrence and Dr. Anne Trussell, '88
Capt. Shannon Vinson, '02
Ms. Cary L. Walker, '98
Dr. Crystal Walker, '00
Ms. Lynn R. Walton, '93
Mr. Kirk and Dr. Michelle Warden
Mrs. Lynn Weatherman
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Williams, '98, '99
Mr. John E. Wilson, '06
Mr. David Winberry
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wood
Dr. Virginia Wray
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Yeager, '67
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Yeatman
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Young, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Zellmer, '03



Gina Garrett
Executive Director of Advancement
Office located in the Nichols Administration Building