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Pre-Law Preparation

Studies and surveys have consistently shown that the students who succeed best in law school are those who have earned a bachelor's degree in any rigorous major requiring analytical reasoning, careful reading, and effective speaking and writing. Although there is no required pre-law curriculum, students who want to strengthen skills or gain background knowledge that will assist them in the study of law may wish to take some of the following elective courses:

  1. American government, American history, U.S. Constitution or civil liberties.
  2. Logic, math, economics, accounting, or philosophy of law.
  3. Advanced composition and foreign languages.

Admission to law school is competitive and is based mainly on grade point average and the student's score on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The law school provides the formal and specialized training necessary to pass the bar examination and to practice law. Students interested in law are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored, including Moot Court, by the Pre-Law Advisor.