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The Pre-Engineering Curriculum

Lyon College has several demanding programs to prepare students for an engineering degree. The first is called a 2-2 program, wherein a student attends Lyon College for two years and transfers to an engineering institution for the last two to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. A formal agreement of transfer exists between Lyon College and the University of Arkansas, but entry into other schools can readily be arranged. A student will complete 60 hours of prescribed courses in liberal arts studies at Lyon College, enabling the student to enter the last two years in any of the primary engineering disciplines including aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, nuclear, and petroleum. The pre-engineering students and their advisor work closely together to ensure that their program of study leads efficiently toward entry into their selected engineering school.

The second program is called the 3-2 program, wherein a student attends Lyon College for three years, completing the Lyon College Core Curriculum and the requirements for a particular major (usually mathematics), and transfers to the engineering school of choice for the remaining two. Formal agreements of transfer exist with the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Minnesota. Entry into other schools can readily be arranged. Upon completion of the fourth year, the student earns a Bachelor’s degree from Lyon College. The Bachelor of Science degree in a specific engineering area from the school of choice is awarded following the completion of that school’s requirements for the major. Examples of five-year syllabi for engineering degrees are available upon request. The pre-engineering advisor, using the suggested five-year syllabus, will work with students to tailor individually the order in which the courses are taken.

Another program enables students to receive a bachelor’s degree from Lyon College and to receive a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. This program involves four years at Lyon College and, typically, two years at the University of Minnesota. It may be necessary for students to take several extra courses before proceeding through the graduate curriculum; the number of such courses will vary by major and emphasis. Admission is not guaranteed.