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Pet Life


Bring a bit of home with you to Lyon College

With plenty of open space for dog-walking and many sunny windows for cat-napping, Lyon's campus can serve as a great home for your best friend. To support your pets, the College has added pet waste disposal bins to its campus and holds a pet blessing ceremony every October. The College will also offer pet obedience classes so that your furry friend can get an education too.

For more information, check out our Pet FAQs.



Pet Life at Lyon 

It's a walk in the park! But before you move your pet's bed to your new room, there are a few guidelines you need to know:

  • Currently, Lyon allows only full-grown dogs and cats under fifty pounds to live in the pet-friendly residence hall
  • To live in the pet-friendly residence hall, you must register your cat or dog with the Director of Residence Life 
  • All pets must meet the registration and inoculation requirements
  • Dogs or cats are only allowed in pet-friendly housing with proper approval
  • Fish and other aquatic animals are allowed in all residence halls


Pet-Friendly Housing

Bryan Hall has been designated as Lyon's first pet-friendly residence hall. Pet-friendly housing is for those students who would like to have registered family pets living on campus with them, or who will not be bringing a pet but would like to live in a pet-friendly hall. Please see the Pet Policy for more information. Unapproved animals are not allowed in residence halls or apartments or College-owned houses.


Register Your pet



Emotional Support Animals

Lyon College's policies on emotional support animals function separately from its pet-friendly housing. A student approved for an emotional support animal may live in any residence without paying extra fees for their pet.




Fish Tank Policies

Students in any residence may have an aquatic pet that lives comfortably in a ten-gallon or less fish tank at no extra cost.