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Vehicle Registration for Parking

All students, faculty, and staff are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety and have a valid parking permit on their vehicle. The purpose of this is to better enable Campus Safety to notify vehicle owners if there is a problem if the vehicle needs to be moved, and to identify unauthorized vehicles using College facilities.

It also is to help Campus Safety to enforce parking policies across campus. Registration of all student vehicles takes place during registration each year. Student parking permits are valid for the entire academic year.

To register your vehicle, please bring your parking registration form, your Lyon ID, and your state's vehicle registration form. You must have all 3 of these items to register your car for parking at Lyon.

You can also register online at the link below. Select 'Continue as Guest' and follow the instructions in the document.

How to Register for Parking

Parking Fines

Parking in reserved spaces, improperly parked/wrong parking lots, time of day violations, and service areas (Derby Center, Nichols, Edwards Commons, and Food Service loading dock).

  • First-time offense: warning
  • Second-time offense: $25
  • Third-time offense: $40
  • Fourth-time offense and thereafter: $50, vehicle will be booted until fee is paid


Parking illegally in an ADA/Handicapped space:

  • First-time offense: $50
  • Second-time offense: $75
  • Third-time offense: $100, plus the City Police will be called to provide a City fine which is $300.
  • Fourth-time offense and thereafter fines include all that is involved in a third offense, plus towing thereafter.


Failing to register with Campus Safety:

  • First-time offense: warning
  • Second-time offense: $50
  • Third-time offense: $75
  • Fourth-time offense and thereafter: $100, vehicle will be booted until fee is paid


Driving vehicle in unauthorized area/causing damage to campus grounds:

  • Fine: $75, plus restoration of grounds, if necessary. 


Parking regulations and appeals

A. Purpose of Parking Regulations

Parking on the campus is a necessary privilege for members of the College community and visitors. Parking regulations are designed to serve the best interests of the safety and efficient operation of Lyon College. The purpose of these regulations is to provide direction and order to the system of parking.


B. Parking Space Allocation

Parking on the campus is a necessary privilege for members of the College community and visitors. Parking regulations are designed to serve the best interests of the safety and efficient operation of Lyon College. The purpose of these regulations is to provide direction and order to the system of parking.

Parking is allowed only in marked spaces in designated parking lots, per the Lyon College Parking Lot Usage and Designation. Handicapped accessible spaces are provided in all parking lots in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, some handicapped accessible spaces have wheelchair ramps access striped next to them; marked with diagonal stripes they are considered part of the handicapped parking space.

Temporary handicapped permits have to be issued by a physician. Additional reserved spaces are made available for the Resident Faculty Mentors of Spragins House and Young House. In addition to a citation, unauthorized vehicles in reserved spaces may be towed upon request at the owner's expense.


Parking Restrictions

All campus roadways, parking lot entrances, and driveways are designated fire lanes. Parking is not allowed in fire lanes, on the grass, in alleys, or in any spot other than in a marked space in a designated parking lot.

Only maintenance and service vehicles are permitted on sidewalks. Student, faculty, and staff vehicles are prohibited on sidewalks.

Two sidewalks are designated driveways. The sidewalk immediately in front of Spragins House is available for the use of Spragins House Resident Mentor only. The circle walk at the lower level of the library is for the use of mail and package delivery vehicles and for loading and unloading Computer Service and Media Center equipment.


Parking Fees

There is no annual parking fee for students, staff, or faculty for parking on campus.



C. Abandoned Vehicles on Campus

Vehicles will be considered abandoned if not moved in a one week time period. Owners will be responsible for all fees incurred from the towing and storing of abandoned vehicles.



D. Temporary Permits for Parking

Temporary permits for vehicles (rentals, loaners, etc.) are available from Campus Safety for periods not to exceed two weeks. Students and employees with temporary injuries (injuries requiring the use of crutches, etc.) may obtain a temporary handicapped permit from a physician.


E. Campus Speed Limits

Speed limit on campus is 20 MPH. Please make sure to be cautious at all crosswalks. Pedestrians always have the right of way.


F. Parking Fines and Penalties

Illegally parked vehicles are subject to citations and/or towing at the owner's expense.

Citations are placed on the offending vehicle windshield. It is possible for one to be blown away in the wind, or to have been removed by someone else. The other copies of the citations are kept in the Campus Safety Office and may be viewed during normal working hours. The violation remains valid in the system.

Illegally parked vehicles that are not registered on campus may be towed without warning at the discretion of the Campus Safety Office.

Fines are payable at the Business Office. Unpaid fines will be deducted from the employee's paycheck after 30 days. Student citations are turned in each Monday morning to the Business Office to be billed to their account.

Parking fines for an unregistered vehicle accrue until the owner of the vehicle is determined. At that time, all fines will be added to the account of the vehicle owner.


G. Parking Citation Appeals

Every person receiving a parking citation shall have the right to submit a written appeal within 30 days of having received the ticket. These appeals shall be turned into the office of Student Life, located in the lower level of the Edwards Commons. Each written appeal will be given careful consideration by the Vice President and Dean of Students.

The following information outlines the appeal process:

  • The Vice President and Dean of Students shall receive and decide upon all written appeals. Their decision will represent the college's final position on the matter.
  • All processed tickets will be charged / tagged to each student's account.
  • All fines shall be paid directly to the business office. Payments need to reference the ticket number being paid for.


As part of the appeals process, all written appeals need to contain the following information:

  • Number of ticket(s) issued
  • Date of ticket issued
  • Name of person issuing ticket
  • License plate number of vehicle ticketed.
  • Any pertinent information that would explain why the appeal should be considered / granted.


L. Parking Limitations

Person(s) parking on campus do so at their own risk. Lyon College assumes no responsibility for damage, loss, or theft.


M. Parking Citations

Local and state police have full authority to enforce federal, state, and local laws including traffic laws on the Lyon College campus. This authority is separate and distinct from the authority of Campus safety


Parking Lot Usage

Nichols Parking Lot

Nichols parking lot is a faculty/staff lot from 6 AM to 6 PM each day, and is a Visitor lot from 6PM to 6 AM. Lot Includes reserved spaces for the President and the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, and 4 Visitor spaces)

(22 faculty/staff spaces, 3 reserved spaces, 4 visitor spaces)


Chapel Parking Lot

Lot designated for faculty/staff and visitor/commuter parking 24 hours a day. Includes six reserved spaces for Admissions visitors.

(108 faculty/staff or visitor/commuter spaces, 7 reserved spaces)


Derby Parking Lot

Two eastern-most rows of parking spaces for faculty/staff. All other parking spaces are for visitors and commuters.

(54 visitor/commuter spaces, 22 faculty/staff spaces)


Library Parking Lot

Eastern-most rows (2) for resident student parking, and western-most rows (2) for faculty and staff parking, between 6 AM and 6 PM.

(26 resident student spaces, 24 faculty/staff spaces)


Commons Parking Lot

Eastern- most rows (2 sides)- visitors/commuters parking. 14 spaces of faculty and staff parking directly across from visitor parking. Remainder of lot for resident student parking

(63 resident student spaces, 21 visitor/commuter spaces, 14 faculty/staff spaces)


Holloway and Apartments Lot

Resident Student parking 24 hours, except for 5 spaces reserved for staff near Edwards Commons.

(85 resident student spaces, 5 faculty/staff spaces)


The Temp Lot, Spaces by Basketball Court

24-hour resident student parking.

(18 resident student spaces)


Wilson Rogers / Upperclassman Lot

24-hour resident student parking, except for 6 visitor spaces for Bradley Manor.

(81 resident student spaces, 6 reserved spaces)


Softball Lot

24-hour visitor and special event parking

(98 visitor / special event parking, plus up to 8 buses)


Baseball, Football, and Wrestling Lots

24-hour resident student parking OVERFLOW. Parking for visitors and special event parking.

(204 resident student/visitor/special event parking)


Unpaved Space by Temp

25 resident student parking spaces.

(25 resident student spaces)


Maintenance Lot

Reserved for fleet vehicles, work vehicles, contractors, and staff parking.

(25 reserved spaces)


Bryan Lake Lot

(10 visitor/commuter and faculty/staff spaces)