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Nichols International Studies Program

2018 Nichols Courses

Below you will find a list of the upcoming courses offered by the Nichols International Studies Program.  

ECO399 - Transition and Integration: Modern Economic History of Central and Eastern Europe

Course Location: Poland (Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk)

Course Term: Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Radek Szulga

Course Description: The trip will cover Poland’s communist past, its transition to a market economy, and the process of integration with Europe. We will start in Krakow, Poland’s historic capital, and the cultural, artistic and academic center. In addition to visiting landmarks such as the medieval Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Royal Wawel Castle we will take a tour of Nowa Huta (“New Steelworks”), a planned city built during the Stalinist era that was supposed to serve as a “model socialist city”. We will also attend a lecture at the Jagiellonian University and visit one of Krakow’s many start up IT firms. In Warsaw we will visit Poland’s central bank, the NBP, as well as the Palace of Science and Culture, a “gift” from Stalin. The visits in Krakow and Warsaw will serve to exemplify the contrast between the communist past and the European present. At the third destination, the city of Gdansk we will visit the Solidarity Centre, a museum and research institute located on the site of the old Lenin Shipyard which was the birthplace of the Solidarity movement which led to the collapse of communism in the Soviet Bloc. The trip will be rounded off with sites in Gdansk and nearby resort town of Sopot.

Prerequisite: ECO101 or HIS201 or POL201

When will the prerequisite be offered? Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

FRN399 - Post Colonial Philosophy, Literature, and Culture

Course Location: French Caribbean (Martinique and Guadeloupe)

Course Term: Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Brian Hunt

Course Description: The French-Caribbean has a long, difficult history with France (the "Hexagone") that has engendered some very powerful literature on cultural, racial, and ethnic identity as well as interrogated important questions of belonging and nationhood. In this class students will read the philosophical and literary workds of Aime Cesaire, Franrz Fanon, Patrick Chamoiseau, Eduard Glissant, and Maryse Conde in order to better understand important notions of negritude, colonialism, post-colonial thought, "creoleness," community, and global citizenship. Students will see how the geography and history of each island nation is intricately linked to each thinker's philosophy.

Prerequisite: FRN102, ART201 or 202, HIS201 or 202, ENG210 or 212, or instructors' permission

When will the prerequisite be offered? Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

FRN/BIO399 - Nature and Early Culture in Western Europe

Course Location: France, Switzerland, and Germany

Course Term: Spring 2018

Instructors: Dr. James Martell (French), and Dr. Dave Thomas (Biology)

Course description: This trip will not only allow students to be exposed to the different cultures of France and Germany, but it will do so in a new way by looking at the cultural and artistic dimensions of these cultures, together with their conceptions and experiences of nature (i.e. the place that hiking or “wandern” has for German culture, as well as the French notion of “being in nature,” exemplified by the pique-nique tradition). By visiting caverns and museums of prehistoric art, the students will have the great opportunity to reflect on the origin of mankind within a different cultural context. Students doing the minor in French will benefit also from the possibility of using their language skills in a daily basis; while students of Biology will get exposure to a diversity of environments in France, Switzerland, and Germany. 

Prerequisite: BIO 100 or 112/FRN 102

When will the prerequisite be offered? Fall 2017/Spring 2018

HIS/MUS399 - The History and Music of Eastern Germany

Course Location: Germany

Course Term: Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Russell Stinson

Course Description: In this course, we will visit sites that relate to the history and music of Eastern Germany from the time of the Protestant Reformation to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The trip will emphasize in particular the Nazi era, life in Communist East Germany, and the composer J. S. Bach. We will spend six nights in the city of Leipzig (pop. 450,000), where we will visit a museum devoted to the East German city of Weimar (pop. 60,000), where we will visit the former Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald as well as the homes of the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the composer Franz Liszt. We will next spend two nights in Dresden (pop. 500,000), a city that is still rebuilding itself after being devastated in World War II; furthermore, Dresden boasts some of the best art museums in the world. Finally, we will spend four nights in the metropolis of Berlin (pop. 6,000,000), where we will stroll along what remains of the Berlin wall and visit a museum that chronicles its history. While in Berlin, we will also attend a musical performance or two, whether in a church, symphony hall, or opera house.

Prerequisite: HIS202 or MUS105

When will the prerequisite be offered? Spring 2016 - Spring 2018

Click here to see photos from the 2009 trip to Germany. 

PSY399 - Psychology of Propaganda

Course Location: England (Oxford, London)

Course Term: Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Rose Danek

Course Description: The intent of this course is to introduce the topic of propaganda, specifically as used in wartime from a psychological perspective. Experiencing this course in England provides a unique and exciting opportunity to explore this topic in a country that has extensive first-hand experience with both war on its soil, and with the use of propaganda. In this course the cognitive and social processes involved in the creation and reception of propaganda will be discussed. This course will involve many interesting fieldtrips and experiences that promise the enrich the educational experience.

Prerequisite: PSY101

When will the prerequisite be offered? Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

SPN399 - Peru: Past and Present

Course location: Peru

Course Term: Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Monica Rodriguez (leader), and Dr. John Herda (assistant)

Course Description: This trip will allow students to visit the Coastal and Mountain regions of Peru. We will start visiting the ancient Incan fortress of Macchu Picchu and surrounding ruins. Then, we will return to Lima to appreciate the colonial legacy found in downtown Lima and complement it with visits to two important museums in Lima where Pre-Inca and Inca artifacts are kept. Finally, we will head south, to the desert, for a boat visit of the Ballesta Lsands, known as Peru's Galapagos Islands, to appreciate sea life diversity. Through this course, they will also be immersed in Peruvian historical culture - past and present.

Prerequisite: SPN102

When will the prerequisite be offered? Spring 2017/18

Click here to see photos from our past trip to Peru.