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Study Abroad Exchange Programs

Lyon has established tuition exchange agreements with Akita International University (Japan), the University of Poitiers (France), and to Belfast Metropolitan college, Queens University, St. Mary’s University College, Stranmillis University College and University of Ulster, all in Northern Ireland, through the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities.

Also, Lyon College is a member of the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC), which allows student exchange with schools located in Mexico, Spain, Chile, Canada, Honduras, Colombia, Iceland, Brazil, and  South Korea. In most cases, the exchange is for a semester but some schools offer summer exchange as well.  

When Should I Study Abroad?

Students normally participate in semester and year-long study abroad exchange programs during their junior year or the following summer. Applicants are required to have attended Lyon full-time for the academic year preceding their study abroad, have a Lyon cumulative GPA of 3.0, be in good financial standing, and have appropriate foreign language skills to be eligible to participate in a semester or year-long study abroad exchange program.

Semester Abroad Brochure
Spanish Semester Abroad Brochure

"The time I’ve spent in Japan has made me excited to travel more! I’ve always wanted to experience life in another country, but the idea can be intimidating. I feel so fortunate to have lived abroad as a college student. I possess the confidence to go virtually anywhere now. I felt at home in Japan very and I think that feeling is due in part to my understanding of the situation – I arrived in Japan not knowing any of the language, much about the culture, or a single person on the continent. This forced me to adapt. I think this is something that anyone can do, anywhere in the world. This experience has been invaluable to me as one that has prepared me for changes throughout my life." — Willa Thomason, '14

Willa studied in Japan during the spring 2013 semester.