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We will all do our part

The new COVID-19 safety protocols are an extension of the Lyon education and the College’s honor code. As students return to campus this August, they are expected to exemplify these behaviors.

These protocols involve regular testing of students, staff and faculty for COVID-19; wearing masks in most places on campus and limiting visitors in residence halls to only residential students for the Fall 2020 semester.

“This pandemic is the epitome of people having to behave in an honest and responsible way,” Dean of Students Patrick Mulick said, “because the actions they are taking have a significant impact on the rest of our community.”

He continued, “If you do your part, that protects other people’s health and protects the Lyon community to be able to do what we do: educate individuals.”

Provost Melissa Taverner said these protocols are essential for the safety and health of every member of the Lyon community.

“Some arguments I’ve heard is that our students, most of whom are 18 to 22, are robust and will bounce right back, but we don’t know that,” she said. “So we are trying to create a bubble around our community.”

Mulick said that every member of the Lyon community, from the president to himself and Taverner, have signed the Roll of Honor saying that they will uphold the integrity and honor of the College and be responsible community members.

“For the faculty and staff, we have to be the ones who are modeling this behavior and how important it is,” he said.

Taverner said this community responsibility embodies the College’s core curriculum perfectly. She said Lyon students don’t take ethics, religion and philosophy courses just to check off a list of requirements.

“We want you to think about your place in the world and the universe. We want you to think about what your responsibility is to the community and what the community’s responsibility is to you.”

Mulick has felt encouraged by seeing alumni’s social media posts about the pandemic. They are demonstrating skills like critical thinking, ethical responsibility and the consumption of empirical evidence: skills Lyon helps its students develop.

“We’re training our current students to be in that same position,” Taverner said.