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Roulier prescribes healthy habits for Lyon students

Lyon students learned how to make sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term health improvements, even on a college budget.

Dr. Julia Roulier, a practitioner at UAMS North Central Family Medicine Center, led the Mar. 5 “Let’s Talk About Health” Spragins Talk. She introduced lifestyle medicine and discussed the ways students can incorporate it into their daily lives. 

The ongoing series, held by Spragins House, aims to educate students on various aspects of forming and maintaining good health. One factor leading to unhealthy habits is a lack of education, and this series addresses that factor.

“I’m hoping that we talk to you guys and you guys can say, ‘Oh, we can make a difference,’” Roulier said.

She discussed the six pillars of lifestyle medicine: sleep health, stress reduction, social connections, avoiding risky behaviors, nutrition and activity.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on preventing disease rather than treating it. The methods contribute to overall mental and physical health.

Through utilizing these pillars, she said students can expect improvements not only in their health but also in their schoolwork. 

Roulier encouraged students to become more active with the college and local communities to increase their social connections, and she pointed out how healthy sleeping habits and stress management can aid students with their schoolwork.

Students asked questions about incorporating lifestyle medicine when working with lower budgets or time constraints, as well as how these pillars can be altered for college athletes.

Roulier noted how some of these changes can be especially difficult for college students to implement and provided tips tailored to their needs. She advised students to eat well in the cafeteria, meet new people on campus, and find ways to reduce the stress associated with schoolwork.