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Lyon students determine most popular forms of social media on campus

What’s the most popular form of social media among Lyon College students today? Zach Basehore, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, and students in his statistics class have the answer.

To connect the principles of statistics and survey design with a real-world question, Professor Basehore had students ask their friends about their social media usage habits.  After compiling the answers, students found that the most popular platform was Snapchat, followed by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Basehore says, “The project was an educational tool to introduce students to survey design (including the ability to pick out flaws in the design) as well as to give them practice conducting research and interpreting the findings—all with a dataset that’s relevant to themselves and their friends.”

In 2017, Basehore used a similar project at Bowling Green State University, a medium-sized state university in Ohio where he was a graduate instructor before coming to Lyon. Despite differences between the types of schools and the cultural and social make-up of the two institutions, results were the same.

Basehore notes that LinkedIn, reddit, tumblr, Google+, flickr, SoundCloud, MySpace and other social networking sites were not included in either survey project.