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Lyon senior gets on board with HR

A Lyon senior is getting a handle on human resources (HR) this summer at White River Medical Center (WRMC).

Sam Taylor, of Houston, Texas, is interning with the HR department to gain professional experience for his business management degree. Taylor files employee information, meets with different heads to find out more about their job descriptions, and attends meetings to discuss the promotion of certain employees, new employee orientation, 401K signup and usage, community services, and more.

“I’m sort of an odd job man so that I can get a proper feel for the day-to-day workings of an HR office,” he said.

Going into college, Taylor did not know the language or inner workings of an office other than what he had seen on television.

“I knew that was probably incorrect,” he said, laughing.

Taking classes like business law and HR management with Lyon’s business law professor, Dr. Leigh King, helped Taylor understand what it means to be a manager or HR employee.

“I came into my first day feeling like I could actually do well among the other professionals,” he said. “The number and files I’m looking at aren’t just another problem in a book. There are real meanings to the numbers, and I’m no longer working in hypotheticals.”

Through the internship, Taylor has learned how to determine pay for employees based off of schooling and prior experience to properly compensate them, how to respond to formal complaints, and the unique tasks working in a medical HR department entails.

“I’ve learned more about what nurses, doctors, and practitioners do and how to correctly assess them,” he said. “My favorite parts are the meetings and being able to feel as though what I’m doing is actually useful.”

Taylor said these experiences will help him do even better in his business classes this fall.

“I plan on using what I’ve learned to show my professors that I have a better handle on the business world,” he said.

The experience is also vital for his future career.

“I will not go into my first job feeling like a rookie,” Taylor said. “This internship will make me more useful to future employers and help them view me as an asset to their team.”