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Lyon professor featured in Washington Post

The Washington Post recently published a Lyon professor’s review of a new book about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

In the review, Assistant Professor of History Dr. Brian D’Haeseleer discusses “Obama’s Unending Wars: Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State” by historian Jeremy Kuzmarov. D’Haeseleer says the book presents “a harshly critical take” on Obama’s foreign policy, and that the book suggests that Obama, not Pres. Donald Trump, launched “the new cold war.”

“While an ambitious effort to analyze Obama’s foreign policy record, [the book] offers neither a nuanced nor empathetic appraisal of the former president,” D’Haeseleer says.

“Nonetheless, Kuzmarov’s book is serious and fair and should prompt historians—and the rest of us—to reevaluate Obama’s legacy.”

The article has subsequently been featured in The Advocate Online, Jewish World Review, Greenwich Time Online, News-Time Online, Connecticut Post Online.