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Lyon junior completes solo mural

Lyon College junior Hayley Cormican is painting outside the lines–and outside the classroom!

Cormican recently completed her second solo mural at SnoCone Haven in Batesville. The mural features the words “You are… ARt” within the state of Arkansas.

“I chose to take an independent study in murals this semester in order to bring more positivity to my hometown of Batesville,” said Cormican. “My inspiration for this mural came from how often people see art and ask ‘But what does it mean?’”

She continued, “The truth is art is subjective, and often times it can mean whatever you want it to mean. You are entitled to your own opinion and views, and that’s why the mural depicts the saying.”

The process started with brainstorming mural ideas and getting businesses involved.

“I presented my ideas to each business I worked with and incorporated their visions with mine,” she said.

Cormican completed her first solo mural indoors at Main Street Nutrition downtown as part of her independent study. She previously took the murals class last fall, participated in the historic Coca-Cola mural last spring, and assisted Associate Professor of Art Dustyn Bork and artists Grace Engel and Steve Adair on two murals.

Working with her peers on previous murals boosted Cormican’s confidence.

“Seeing big results as a group made me realize how many things I can accomplish with my career as an artist,” she said. “I really love working on murals, and I would love to continue doing them!”

After graduation, Cormican plans to teach art, preferably at the elementary or middle school level.

“I want to impact students in the way that so many of my professors have for me,” she said. “I plan to incorporate group projects in my own classroom someday, and hopefully that will include another mural!”

Bork said he is proud of the works Cormican has produced.

“She is really hitting her stride with her art projects,” he said. “Anyone that knows Hayley knows she is professional, passionate, and enthusiastic.”

Bork continued, “This latest mural is a colorful expression of her infectious upbeat personality and attitude. I’m glad she has made a beautiful work that will be long-lasting and inspirational in her hometown community.”

Cormican said being part of the murals projects transformed her experience at Lyon.

“It is incredible to see how many people appreciate the art we are bringing to Batesville.”

She said the projects have opened her eyes to the influence art has on a community.

“It has shown me the change I want to see in the world,” she said. “Art offers a way to raise people’s spirits and a way for everyone to come together to celebrate something beautiful.”

Cormican concluded, “Art has changed my life, and I hope the murals I and my peers have completed will allow the citizens of Batesville and beyond to appreciate art in a more experiential way.”