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Lyon faculty and staff inspire high school students

Lyon College campus leaders shared insights with high school students at Mortar Board’s LEAD conference on Friday, Oct. 25, exploring the meaning of leadership and reflecting on their own personal examples of what defines a leader.

Lyon’s Chapter Mortar Board Vice President Daniel Armstrong called LEAD a conference aimed at inspiring leadership qualities in younger students. 

“College is a place where leadership can be explored but, we wanted to give [younger] students a chance to consider leadership before they get [to college],” he said.

Dr. John Herda, assistant professor of Spanish, said good leaders have four attributes, “preparation, sincerity, humility and determination.” 

Wes Hart, women’s volleyball assistant coach, said [he and other coaches] take a lot of pride in the leaders they see involved in Lyon athletics. 

Dr. Scott Roulier, professor of political philosophy, cited a lack of contemporary leadership. He used President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address to praise Lincoln’s humility despite the Union’s recent success in the Civil War.

“You might expect Lincoln to brag, but he doesn’t. He searches for common ground and shares the blame for the war and for slavery with the North and South,” Roulier said. 

Roulier encouraged students to connect with a positive example even if the person they admire is no longer living.

“Find people that you can respect. Even if they don’t live near you or if they’re a historical figure and their dead, read about them,” he said.