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Lyon College’s Wellness Wednesday: Sleep

Lyon College Director of Mental and Behavioral Health Victoria Hutcheson’s Wellness Wednesday is a great way to learn about easy, approachable ways to take care of yourself. Each week Hutcheson focuses on a different area of wellness, this week being sleep, and invites you to do the same! Check out the graphic above for information on this week’s topic.

You can also check out some extra Wellness Wednesday information about caffeine below.

“I know most of us are lacking in the sleep schedule department due to life, family, work etc. However, sleep can be such an integral part to wellness. What goes along with discussing sleep? Discussing caffeine.  Now, I love my caffeine too, and I'm not asking you to give it up, but I am asking you to consider how much caffeine you consume in a day,” said Hutcheson.

Here is some extra information on that:

Bottle of coke: 40mg

Red Bull: 111mg

Bang Energy Drink: 300mg

Dunkin Iced Coffee: 200mg

8oz Hot Coffee- 70-140mg

Loaded Tea:: 100-285mg

For reference, the FDA recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day and no more than 150-200mg per hour.