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Lyon College Represented in Delta Exhibition

A Lyon College art professor and a Lyon graduate are part of this year’s annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. This is the 60th year for the event, which features artists living, working or born in Arkansas and its border states. It runs May 25-August 26 at the Arts Center.

Ian Campbell, Assistant Professor of Art at Lyon, is one of 46 artists selected to display their work, 31 of which are from Arkansas. Two of his photographs, Terra Incognita (for Nasmyth and Carpenter) and Wormhole at the Edge of the Map, will be on display. These photographs are part of an ongoing project called At The Edge Of The Known, which Campbell says “examines the human urge to explore, to see what lies beyond the horizon, to push out into the universe and expand our field of vision. Although the images look like outer space, most were made on caving expeditions with Lyon’s COBRA Grotto. This project makes connections between cave and cosmos, outer space and inner space, science and fiction.”

The photographs are “Ziatypes,” made with a hand-coated lithium/palladium-based emulsion that is similar to the historic techniques used for early photos of the cosmos. “Iencourage viewers to entertain the romantic notion that there are still new, unseen worlds
just beyond view of even our most high-tech imaging technology,” he says.

In addition, Shea Hembry, a 1996 graduate who double-majored in art and English, was one of the three members of the jury panel which selected the works to be exhibited. Hembry is known for his exhibition, “seek” and his TED talk about it, “How I Became 100 Artists,” which has been watched by more than 1.5 million viewers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpROaNue9GM). Hembry invented and then impersonated 100 different artists, all working in different styles, to create the show, which ranged from large installations to works painted with a 1-hair brush.

The photograph is one of Ian Campbell's works, Wormhole.