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Lyon College adds Family Advocate Position to President’s Office

Lyon College President Joey King is pleased to welcome Lynn Pearson to the new position of family advocate for the College.

The family advocate serves as a consistent contact for students and family members if they need assistance. The family advocate can coordinate communication between the concerned party and the appropriate department if an issue arises. If the party and department are unable to reach a solution, the family advocate will step in to facilitate finding a solution or compromise.

“The President is committed to making sure our students and their parents feel both welcome and appreciated,” said Clarinda Foote, chief of staff and vice president of administration. “He understands the emotional and financial stress that is placed on a family when a child enters college. Questions and issues that come up regarding finances, financial aid, housing, and even parking may seem minor to those of us who understand the policies and procedures, but to a parent who has never dealt with financial aid or might not know what a registrar or provost does, it can be both confusing and overwhelming.”  

Starting this fall, concerned parties can contact Lynn Pearson at (870) 307-7200 or (800) 290-7819 during business hours. The President’s Office also plans for this position to identify trends, policies, and procedures that may need to be reviewed.

Foote said, “The family advocate’s role is to focus on the student and/or parent by providing them with someone who will seek answers and find solutions on their behalf. We want to ensure we don’t lose students because we didn’t deal with something on the College’s end.”

Posted by Madeline Pyle at 8:43 AM