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Lyon art students and BAAC to host “Art Walk” Friday, Feb. 8

Lyon College upperclassmen art students and the Batesville Area Arts Council (BAAC) will host the pop-up gallery “Art Walk” this Friday, February 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. on Main Street.

There will be two exhibitions, one group will be showing at the Lyon College Kilted Kiln on third street behind First Community Bank and a second group will be exhibiting on the third floor of the Landers Theater at 332 East Main. This event is free and open to the public. It will coincide with the exhibition: Different Invisible Lines by the Culture Shock Art Collective at BAAC.

According to Lyon’s Associate Professor of Art Dustyn Bork, the first exhibition at the Lyon College Kilted Kiln will be focused around humanity through various media and perspectives. Kacy Perkins will be using sugar as a medium to experiment with proportions and ideas revolving around beauty. Morgun Henson will be using embroidery to create a self-portrait and to use color to express the sensation of emotions. McKinley Streett will be exploring the abstracting process of death through sculptures of dead flies. 

“These pieces together act as representations of the artists and their qualms dealing with the human experience,” said Bork. “Kacy [Perkins] focuses on struggling with the unrealistic standards of beauty that take over the media by taking this concept to extremes. Morgun [Henson] focuses on art as a form of self- expression through colors and needle work. McKinley [Streett] focuses on dead flies to bring attention to their unexpected beauty by immortalizing them into sculptures. Together this series acts as a unit about life and the artists’ individual understandings of it.” 

The second exhibition on the third floor of the Landers Theater showcases the work of Hannah Qualls, Charlie Gills, and Madison Bangert. Qualls spent the fall semester re-envisioning an original work of fiction into a visual novel, creating a handmade comic book. Gills has remodeled toy dolls using paint, fabric, and clay to create new figures with unique features. Madison Bangert will be exploring unexpected horror in various scenes in 2D. 

“Madison [Bangert] focuses on the abnormal in various ways as a series to show the absurdity of life,” said Bork.