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Free Piping, Drumming, and Children's Highland Dancing Lessons Offered at Lyon College

Have you ever imagined yourself in a kilt? Do you think bagpipe music is great? Here’s a chance for people of all ages to learn piping, drumming, or highland dancing at no cost.

The Lyon College Pipe Band is forming a youth band that will offer free piping and drumming lessons to area young people between the ages of 10 and 17. The lessons will take place on Monday evenings in both group and individual settings, based on student progress. The first lessons will begin at 7 p.m. on September 25 at the Scottish Heritage Building on the Lyon campus. Students will be expected to practice between lessons for a minimum of 15-30 minutes a day in order to progress at a reasonable rate.

Adults who are interested are also welcome and will meet separately but on the same night. They will be invited to join the Lyon College Pipe Band, which includes both students and individuals from the surrounding area, as soon as they gain the necessary proficiency. 

Lessons are free, but piping students must provide their own practice chanter, which costs about $75. Drumming students must provide their own sticks and practice pad. Pipers will eventually need to acquire bagpipes. Senior pipers will assist students in finding a quality chanter and bagpipes, and Lyon will provide all necessary instructional materials and music. 

 For children four years of age and older, the program will also offer instruction in Highland dance.

The Lyon Pipe Band is recognized nationally and internationally, and Pipe Major James Bell is one of the top professional pipers, judges and instructors in North America. Interested students can learn either pipes or drums in the traditional Scottish style, earn opportunities to perform and compete, and may eventually qualify for a scholarship at Lyon College through the Scottish Heritage Program. 

For the location of the Scottish Heritage Building, go to www.lyon.edu/maps, click on Buildings, then Academic, then Scottish Heritage and Temp. For further information about the classes, please contact James Bell at 870-307-PIPE (870-307-7473) or james.bell@lyon.edu.

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