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Dustyn Bork welcomed as artist-in-residence at Wilson College

On June 13, Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa., welcomed Dustyn Bork, assistant professor of art, as one of its artists-in-residence.

Each summer, Wilson College invites a selection of visual and performing artists to participate in its residency program. While there, artists have ample private studio time, the opportunity to engage in dialogue with students and other artists and the opportunity to exhibit their work.

Bork, whose work in painting and printmaking centers on cultural notions of pattern, color and design, used his residency as an opportunity to revitalize and hone his craft.

“It was not only an opportunity to get away, but an opportunity to work without distraction,” Bork said.

“The expectation is that you just create art while you’re there. It’s crucial for me as someone balancing life as a professional artist and life as a professor to have opportunities like this to reinvigorate my practice and see it from a new perspective.”

During his two weeks in residence, Bork worked on two series: small works on paper and etchings. He sought to push himself outside of his comfort zone and experiment with new processes and practices after a broken thumb left him unable to actively produce new artwork.

“It was sort of a reawakening,” he said.

“I’d been a little stagnant for two months after breaking my thumb. I’d saved up a lot of little ideas in that dormancy period, not being able to work with my dominant hand. I got to get back and really try to start afresh.”

Bork stated that while he wanted to experiment and produce different forms of art, he also wanted to create pieces that spoke to his existing bodies of work.

“I want to evolve and push forward while making work that is continuous,” he said.

“I’d like to take the lessons I’ve learned back to some print processes and then make some larger works informed by them, some larger pieces that I’ve not done yet but am really excited about.”

Bork will showcase the pieces he produced during his residency, as well as other current works, at Three Rivers College at Poplar Bluff, Miss., in November. 

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