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Bube shares his experience with eco-villages

Professor of Religion Dr. Paul Bube recently shared his experience with Chinese eco-villages, explaining how they are individual groups of people who want to live “greener” lives and become more self-reliant.

Part of the Lyon College faculty colloquium series, Bube’s presentation focused on his work with the Institute for the Postmodern Development of China since 2014.

The Chinese buy plots of land and cultivate organic gardens and orchards. In many of these rustic villages, the very old and very young spend much of their time in community centers that care for the elderly and teach the children skills such as traditional methods of cooking.

When in the eco-villages, Bube spends a few hours each morning working in the gardens with the villagers.

“I think [the eco-villages are] having a real impact,” he said. “How thorough it’s going to be, how deep it’s going to be, that’s yet to be seen.”

Bube said that Chinese government efforts to reforest “certainly” suggest that the government supports these eco-village “experiments.” Bube added that these “experiments” set the stage for future “green” developments.

After Bube’s presentation, Professor of Philosophy Dr. Martha Beck said that all people “cannot go back to living in small sustainable villages.” However, as Bube said, such villages are “experiments,” and Beck said she “assume[s] the Chinese government considers those villages seedbeds for future innovations or they would not fund them.”

Marcos Fernandez de Oliveira, a sophomore business administration major, said that after hearing Bube’s talk, he felt the efforts “serve as a trigger to greater sustainability measures.”

He added, “The preservation and care of the planet is of great importance, and we should be moving towards a more sustainability-based future. These projects or experiments lead the way to a brighter future, in my eyes.”