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Beehler: ‘Lyon taught me perseverance, new perspectives’

Senior Melanie Beehler, of Pea Ridge, learned more than just critical thinking skills at Lyon College.

“I gained the ability to think critically and not just rely on my own background and experiences.”

Lyon taught her new perspectives on the world and how to take those into account when making decisions.

“I would definitely say I’m more open-minded and more self-assured as well,” Beehler said. “Coming out of high school, at first everyone has that ‘I’m the best’ kind of mentality.”

She continued, “Lyon teaches you that you’re good. You may not be the best, but you are good at what you do. That was a good lesson to learn.”

Beehler will graduate this May with a double major in biology and chemistry. 

During her time at Lyon, she served as the vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA) and helped found Lyon’s chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) with other students. She has also been involved in the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, Resident Life Services (RLS) and Honor Council.

“Bid Day for Alpha Xi my freshman year was one of my favorite memories,” she said. “That was definitely a big time for a lot of people.”

Beehler said she cherishes the friendships she has formed at Lyon, especially during her junior year.

“The friendships you form during that year really tend to make a difference since it’s so hard academically. Those have really stuck with me.”

Beehler will miss the communal living style on campus.

“I’m going to miss being able to walk 5 minutes to go see my friends, as opposed to the adult world where you’d have to drive 15 minutes through traffic and only after work.”

She also appreciates the faculty, like Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Jennifer Daniels, for broadening her education goals.

“Before I came to Lyon, I said I was pre-med and was going to do biology and chemistry no matter what,” Beehler said, laughing.

“[Daniels] taught me that, even though that’s what I wanted to do, I could still take time to learn other things, even if they don’t directly apply.”

Beehler took some individual statistics classes with Daniels as a result.

“I learned that you can incorporate what you want to learn in addition to what you know you need to have to succeed.”

Lyon taught her the importance of perseverance most of all.

Beehler did not get into medical school in the last cycle, but she plans to retake the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) this summer, apply again in the fall and interview next winter.

“Academically, Lyon has taught me perseverance more than anything because it takes a lot to get through those four years of college. It also taught me about the whole journey of applying to medical school, and I’m grateful for that.”