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Bank internship is golden opportunity for Lyon senior

A Lyon senior’s visit to the bank is adding up to accounting experience.

Brandon Giribaldie, of Willemstad, Curacao, is interning in the accounting department of Citizens Bank this summer. He assists with outgoing wire transfers and manages vendor payments among other duties.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” Giribaldie said. “Luckily, I’m used to covering a broad spectrum at Lyon. You’re always learning something new and getting a wide range of skills to help you out in the real world.”

He learned about the internship opportunity from International Student Advisor Joni Bube.

“I applied for it online and went in for an interview just like with a real job,” Giribaldie said. “It all worked out, and now I’m getting professional experience I’ve never had before.”

Bube said summer internships are a great way for students to satisfy the requirements of their curriculum while gaining work experience in their field of study.

“We are always grateful to local businesses who invest in Lyon College students through internship opportunities,” she said. “We are glad Brandon has this on-the-job learning opportunity at Citizens Bank, connecting the classroom to the real world and discovering that accounting is more than spreadsheets and financial statements.”

Director of Career Services Annette Castleberry said research has shown that participation in internships during undergrad helps students secure employment or enrollment in graduate programs within six months of graduation. 

“Brandon and other students who pursue these opportunities will significantly increase their chance for success after college,” she said.

“International students who engage in internships through Curricular Practical Training during college increase their chance for success in finding employment in the United States.”

A double major in economics and business administration, Giribaldie said his bank internship will also make understanding new classes, such as money and banking, easier next school year.

“The classes and internship work together so well. I can use the experiences from one to build on my success in the other.”

Adillet Lindsey, accounting manager at Citizens Bank, said it was a pleasure getting to know and work with Giribaldie.

"He was always ready to learn and willing to complete each task assigned to him with a great attitude. We look forward to keeping up with Brandon after graduation and seeing what this young man will accomplish in the future."

Giribaldie said he is grateful to get an inside look at the world of banking.

“This is my first time working in an office environment,” he said. “The best part is that my coworkers are very nice and willing to help whenever I ask. I’m glad I got to have this opportunity!”