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Art students create mural for exercise science lab

(From left) Seniors Alley Edwards, Molly Mellor, Brittany Cook, Lillian Sullivan and Jade Giron (not pictured) completed a new mural for the exercise science lab in the Mabee-Simpson Library.


The art department collaborated with the exercise science department to create a mural for the new program’s lab on the bottom floor of the Mabee-Simpson Library.

The mural features an athlete mid-sprint, with different sections highlighting the muscular and skeletal systems of the body. Seniors Molly Mellor, Alley Edwards, Brittany Cook, Lillian Sullivan and Jade Giron spent about four weeks on the project during their murals course with Professor of Art Dustyn Bork.

“It represents the core values of the major for exercise science,” said Sullivan, “and will hopefully bring light to inspire the students.”

Bork said this mural was an interesting project because the students had to think not only about visuals but also about the subject matter and concept.

“It wasn’t just bringing an artistic vision to life,” he said. “They also had to make sure there was an accuracy to the science and that the mural fit the needs of this room.”

Mellor, who served as the project manager, said the group chose this project because they felt like they had a lot of ideas for it. They worked with Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Dr. Matthew Peterson to brainstorm ideas and research different elements of the visuals to ensure they were scientifically accurate.

“The whole room was under construction when I first got here,” Peterson said. “It looked like a room in the library basement, so to have something up on the wall that beautifies the space is a really nice addition.”

He appreciates that the mural fits the character of the room, which is used to teach Human Physiology, Anatomy and Exercise Physiology. 

“Having a mural that shows that graphically is perfect,” Peterson said.

The art students also found the experience to be rewarding.

“It was very therapeutic,” said Giron.

“Being able to work with a great group of talented women was a cool experience,” said Sullivan.

“Knowing that other students will get to look at something I was a part of is really nice,” said Edwards. “I get to leave my mark on Lyon.”

Cook said the project made her feel like “an actual member of the community.” Sullivan agreed, saying she appreciates that Lyon has such a supportive community for the arts.

“I was impressed by their work,” said Bork. “When they started with their sketch, it was very two-dimensional. They added a lot of depth as they painted it on the wall and created multiple entry and focal points for the viewer.”

He concluded, “It was a nice conversation between art students and the exercise science faculty. With this being a new program, it was great to get involved on the ground level.”