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A Message from Joey to Students

The following message from President W. Joseph King was sent to students on Wednesday, July 8.

Dear students,

In a time of many unknowns, I want to offer you these certainties.

First and foremost, we care about you. Ensuring you receive your education in a safe environment is our primary concern. Administrators and I have been working constantly to develop precautions and protocols that can make this happen. 

The Lyon community is an integral part of the Lyon experience, and no matter what happens this school year, you are still a part of this community, and you will still reap the benefits.

Pandemic or not, you have access to Lyon College faculty and staff that care for you and want you to achieve, and they will not stop. 

Dustyn Bork is still painting murals; Dr. Daniels is still giving pep talks; Dean Mulick still thinks he’s funny; Sway Ankton is still coming up with fun student activities; Danell Hetrick is still training SI leaders; Tony Roepcke is still coaching; Dr. Irosha is still conducting research… They are all still here for you.

Whatever this year’s circumstances bring, do not underestimate the value of the degree you are working towards. We may have to give up some events and activities, but we are not giving up our commitment to providing a quality liberal arts education.

A Lyon degree will always carry merit. Our extensive alumni network is one of many advantages. Every year, our community hears about a graduate’s successful job application or graduate school interview, and how attending Lyon set them apart from the competition. 

When we come out of these unusual times, you will have the prestige of persevering, as is the Lyon way.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more plans for this school year. I thank you for your patience. Please know you are our top priority.