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Hannah Zang accepted into Duke medical school

Senior Hannah Zang, of McKinney, Texas, has been accepted into the Duke University School of Medicine.

“I found out in February,” she said. “It’s a bit surreal because I was not expecting to get in.”

A biology and psychology double major, Zang is looking forward to taking more specialized classes, learning more about the human body and interacting with patients.

Her classes at Lyon have prepared her for this next step by teaching her to be a more well-rounded learner.

“I came in pretty set on just majoring in biology, being pre-med and getting out,” she said, laughing. “Lyon has really pushed me to take classes out of my comfort zone.”

Zang continued, “I think I’ve grown a lot as a person. I got to tackle my fear of public speaking by presenting at a lot of conferences. Lyon has also really encouraged me to be a lifelong learner.”

Having dedicated faculty and staff mentors helped her figure out her path.

“Dr. Alexander Beeser has been the most supportive mentor ever,” she said. “There were a lot of time where I didn’t know if I could do it or if this was the right path for me.”

Zang continued, “He’s always been super affirming.”

She is excited to have an in-person Commencement on May 22 after all of the changes she had to adapt to during the pandemic.

“I just did not know how much life would change over the course of a year,” Zang said. “I’m really proud of all my classmates and how far we’ve come together.”

She is looking forward to seeing what her friends do next.

“I have seen people grow so much with me during these four years. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things they’re going to accomplish.”

Although she will miss her mentors at Lyon, Zang knows she can count on her professors even after graduation.

“I know I can call them and talk about anything, but I’m going to miss dropping by their offices to talk to them,” she said. “I will also miss all my friends and the Honors Fellows program.”