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Lyon announces winners of Annual Juried Student Art Show

'Icarus's Flight' by Julianna Howard was selected as Best in Show at the 16th Annual Juried Student Art Show.


Lyon art majors made their mark at the 16th Annual Juried Student Art Show on March 12.

Julianna Howard won Best in Show and the Kenton Adler Award for her piece, “Icarus’s Flight.” Bonnie Roberts won 1st Place for her piece, “Interstate,” and her piece “Amazon” was selected for the President’s Choice Award.

Lillian Sullivan won 2nd Place for her piece, “Disco Daydream,” and Abigail Rutter won 3rd Place and the Friends of the Library Award for her piece, “Self Portrait Covid Edition.”

Howard said her artwork was inspired by her love of the story of Icarus. She has loved reading about mythology since she was a child and was “entranced by the beautiful tragedy” of Icarus.

“I wanted to convey the moment before his fall in my piece, where he is reaching out toward the sun and is at the height of his flight,” she said.

Howard achieved this effect by layering different mediums, including pen and ink, markers, paint markers and colored pencils.

“Being recognized in the show was honestly a shock,” she said. “It was such an overwhelming moment to hear that my work was appreciated and get that recognition.”

She said the biggest challenge when working on this piece and others is struggling with her own perfectionism.

“One problem I face whenever I complete a project is quickly looking at where I can improve rather than enjoying what I have created and being proud of it,” Howard said.

She continued, “It’s something that I’m having to accept and work on regularly. I am proud of how these turned out, especially my Icarus piece.”

Roberts used acrylic paint on canvas with found objects for “Interstate” and “Amazon.” She was inspired by her love of abandoned spaces and the “eerie nostalgia” they have.

“Each place has a story,” she said. “I cried tears of joy when I heard I was recognized. I felt so honored and humbled!”

Roberts said the biggest challenge was trying to get the 3-D objects to feel like part of the paintings and not just stuck-on additions.

“I was up until 2 a.m. at times to get them finished!” she said. “I am most proud of my use of shading and lines. They feel more like drawings than paintings, and I find that amusing.”


Check out the winning pieces below!


'Interstate' by Bonnie Roberts won 1st Place.


"Amazon" by Bonnie Roberts won the President's Choice Award.


"Disco Daydream" by Lillian Sullivan won 2nd Place.


"Self Portrait Covid Edition" by Abigal Rutter won 3rd Place and the Friends of the Library Award.