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Lyon College health office adapts to COVID-19 crisis

Lyon College has made major strides to support its students amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Office of Health and Wellness has played an important role in that process.

The office provides health services to students throughout the school year and has ensured those remaining on campus still have access to this resource.

Director of Health and Wellness Haley Haile said students can still come and see her if they need over-the-counter medications, have questions about their health or need counseling on any health topic.

“Some of the programming I provide has had to be placed on hold,” she said, “like the CPR/first aid training, blood drives, and our yearly STI testing clinic. That one made me super sad!”

These events were suspended to avoid any large gatherings and to promote social distancing; however, they should return next school year, assuming the pandemic is over relatively soon.

Haile said her office is no longer a walk-in clinic due to these concerns.

“Anyone that needs to see me can call or email, and they will answer some questions to identify if they are a COVID-19 risk.”

For students who pose a COVID-19 risk, Haile has a “COVID Line.” 

“Students can call or text [me] 24/7 if they are worried they are experiencing symptoms or have been near someone who has the virus. This helps to keep an open form of communication between myself and the students at all times!”

If students do not pose a COVID-19 risk, Haile said they can schedule an appointment and come in to see her as they usually would.

“We also only allow one person in the clinic at a time now. This is to help provide that physical distancing for the students and myself.”

Haile actually worked with the Lyon administration to create a COVID response as soon as Arkansas was at risk of getting cases. This COVID response team created procedures to handle potential outbreak situations on campus. 

Currently, no one on Lyon’s campus has tested positive for COVID-19, but those procedures are still in place should they become necessary. 

Through all this, Haile has remained dutifully vigilant. 

“All of the different areas that impact the everyday life of the campus—Health and Wellness, Student Life, Facilities, Resident Life, HR, Athletics—speak often, and discuss the need for protocols or changes to protocols to ensure that those that must remain on campus are safe and healthy!” 

Considering all these efforts, Lyon students can trust their director of health and wellness to keep them healthy, well, and informed.