Leaders at Lyon

By Samantha Jones

Communications Intern

Fifteen years ago, Kenton Adler performed at the Arkansas Scottish Festival, annually held at Lyon. The experience piqued Adler’s interest in Lyon, leading him to inquire about job opportunities in the Pipe Band.

Today, he is the Prospect Research Associate for Institutional Advancement. Adler said his job involves researching prospective donors to Lyon, creating strong, long-term relationships with them and helping the college focus on people supporting its efforts.

“I really enjoy it very much,” he said. “My duties match my interests when it comes to research.”

Adler described himself as a “private investigator,” constantly looking for topics of interest for potential donors.  Having personal interest in potential donors allows him to better develop “long-term friendships,” leading to a better relationship overall between Lyon and its donors.

Before working for Institutional Advancement, Adler held – and still retains – the title and duties of Instructional Technologist. In this role, he managed the Educator Learning Management System and consulted Lyon’s faculty regarding technology concerns. “I might be helping someone troubleshoot a hardware or software problem, or help someone learn how to use a particular piece of software that is available on our network,” he explained.

Of course, Adler is still highly involved with the Pipe Band. He often travels with the band for performances, competitions, parades, church services, and special events like piping for weddings or funerals. He helps Pipe Major Jimmy Bell in every aspect of the Scottish Heritage Program, including recruiting potential students or teaching at the piping summer school.

“I’m on the road with the Pipe Band all the time,” Adler said. “We’re doing something all the time. When the band isn’t performing, we will play individually.” He recently traveled to St. Louis for a solo competition and won.

Adler met his wife, Lyon graduate Nancy Love, through the Pipe Band. Love is currently attending graduate school in Louisiana, but she is still a part of the Pipe Band. According to Adler, she will return to the tenor drum line when she finishes her program in New Orleans.

Aside from the Pipe Band, Adler is involved in many other aspects of Lyon. He is the Staff Representative on the Lyon College Board of Trustees, the adviser for the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) fraternity, and the president of Friends of the Mabee-Simpson Library. He serves on the Staff Council and is a member of the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee. In past years, he served on the President’s Council and was Chair of the first Sustainability Committee.

When Adler isn’t piping or working on committees, he immerses himself in other arts. He plays guitar, sings, and writes songs. He enjoys sewing and drawing. Having studied history at the University of Arkansas, Adler highly enjoys learning more about history, specifically Native American History and the Civil War. He is also interested in Comparative Mythology.

Adler is a very active outdoorsman, enjoying biking, kayaking, and playing tennis. But at the end of the day, he prefers to simply relax. “I really like just hanging out with the dog and watching TV, especially Sunday night HBO,” he said.