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Minor Requirements

Summary of Requirements for a Minor in Film & Media Studies

FMS 150 Introduction to Film and Screen Cultures
ENG 340 Film Studies
Three Courses from Categories I & II

At least one course from Category I 
ART 102 Fundamentals of Photography ART 382 Special Topics in Art (Moving Image)
THE 340 Playwriting Workshop

At least one course from Category II 
BUS 382 Business Issues in Film
ENG 215 Introduction to Shakespeare
FMS 310 Special Topics in Film and Screen Cultures*
FRN 382 Special Topics in French (French Cinema) (Taught in French)
HIS 325 History and Film HIS 306 Celtic World in Film MUS 291 Topics in Music: Film Music
POL 349 The German Political and Cultural Tradition
POL 382 War Politics and Cinema
PSY 382 Special Topics in Psychology (The Psychology of Film; The Psychology of Mass Culture; The Psychology of Propaganda)
RPH 325 Jesus and the Gospels SPN 335 Hispanic Cinema (Taught in Spanish)

Additional Course Requirements
FMS 370 Practicum*
FMS 450 Independent Study


* Course can count toward minor more than once.