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Marching Band

The Lyon College Marching Scots are the largest student spirit group on campus. The marching band performs at athletic and special events throughout the year. With a primary mission of exuding the very idea of Lyon College spirit, the marching band works to create an atmosphere of excellence and pride for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Lyon College Marching Band consists of brass, woodwinds, battery percussion, pit percussion, electric guitar, electric bass, piano/synth, and guard. Membership to the marching band is open to any Lyon College student via audition. Scholarships are available. The marching band rehearses Monday and Wednesday, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Anyone interested in joining the marching band should contact Dr. Fredrick Brown by email at fredrick.brown@lyon.edu.


Process to Audition


Joining the band is simple and is laid out in a few simple steps below. For more information, please contact Dr. Brown at 870.307.7080, or fredrick.brown@lyon.edu


  1. Fill out an interest form.

The first step in joining the Lyon College Band is to fill out the interest form. The form* tells us some basic facts about you, including your contact information, which will allow us to keep you updated on important dates and information.


  1. Apply to Lyon College

If you are a UACCB student and are interested in being in the Lyon College band, please contact Dr. Brown at 870.307.7080, or fredrick.brown@lyon.edu.


  1. Audition

All students must complete an audition, regardless of whether they are seeking a scholarship or not.

Auditions can be scheduled during any visits to campus through admissions or via video. In-person auditions are preferred.


  • Winds:
    The audition will include:
    • 3 major/minor scales or
    • 1 major scale and the chromatic scale at the full-standard-range of the instrument; and
    • Music with two contrasting styles; no more than two minutes (2’) of music.


  • Percussion:
    Percussion will need to play a short solo of your choosing and a variation of the following:
    • 8 on A Hand
    • 16th Note Timing
    • Accent Tap
    • Double Beat
    • Triplet Rolls
    • Paradiddles
    • Flams


  • Guard:

Guard will submit a short video of no more than one and half minutes (1’30”) of a performance. The video can be a focus shot from a band performance, a solo routine (choreographed by anyone), or a learned routine from our guard leadership. The video should showcase the best ability of the performer.


*This form is the same as the ‘for more information’ form, so there is no need to fill it out twice.