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Lyon Film Cycle

Lyon Film Cycle shows a series of films each semester, and after each film holds an academic discussion about the films, trying to connect them to contemporary issues that go across disciplines. 

It is hosted by Drs. Brian Hunt and James Martell


Fall 2018 European Film Cycle

Theme: "World War I and World War II"

August 24 - The White Ribbon 

August 31 - La grande illusion 

Septembre 7 - Shoah I

Septembre 14 - Shoah II

Septembre 21 - Shoah III

Septembre 28 - Shoah IV

Octobre 5 - Rome Open City

Octobre 19 - Ivan's Childhood 

Octobre 26 - The Great Dictator 

Novembre 2 - The Ogre 

Novembre 9 - Downfall

Novembre 16 - Sophie Scholl

Novembre 30 - Europa Europa 

December 7 - Dunkirk