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Letter From Presidential Pet


Dear pets and their humans,

With Lyon College's recent creation of a pet-furiendly residence hall, we scholars of the four-legged variety have more oppurrtunity than ever to harness our full potential. No longer must we be leashed to the domestic sphere, left behind each school year as our favorite companions head to college. Now, we may set off, doggie bag in tow, to accompany our humans on their journey through higher education.

Thought-provoking pet obedience courses will challenge our wit and dexterity. We'll enjoy the sweet mewsic of schoolwork, pages turning and pencils scratching. Never again shall we miss a good frolic—the open, green hills of Lyon's tree-dotted campus provide ample room for sniffing, rolling, and running. Though my fellow administrators have not yet repurposed Bryan Lake for its higher calling—a luxury water frisbee course for games of fetch—they do seek to honor us. Each October we'll be celebrated in a pet blessing ceremony. Best of all, we'll be by our human's side.

I encourage you to apply for campus pet status through Lyon's Pet Life page. We knead pawsitive experiences like these to improve the future of pets (and their humans) everywhere. 

Now is the time for ruffolutionary change. The liberal arfs await!

Woof love,

Wendy King
Presidential Pet, Dean of Pets, and Director of Pet Life

Office located in Bradley Manor
No phone but will answer barks | No email but will respond to treats


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