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Letter From Presidential Pet


Dear pets and their humans,

I know many of you are dreading seeing your humans leave for school in the fall. Fear not, my
furry friends! Lyon College has room for you, too. From the pet-friendly residence hall to the
Schram Memorial Bark Park, the campus is accessible to paws of all stripes . . . and spots.

There are plenty of sights and smells to keep you entertained! Enjoy a tasty treat at the Salty Dog
while your human gets coffee, or pick out stylish new collars at the Scot Shop. You can even
splash around at Bryan Lake! Just watch out for the goose . . .

You can walk practically anywhere on campus in a few minutes. It’s perfect for us dogs and cats.
You’ll have plenty of time to curl up and rest while your human is in class. Lyon has a little
something for all of us good boys and girls.

Tails wagging sincerely,

Cuddles Taverner

Presidential Pet

Office located wherever boxes may be
No phone but probably wouldn't answer anyway | No email because no thumbs


Finn Taverner
Presidential Pet

Office located near treats
No phone but will respond to all barks | No email but is a great listener


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