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Bike Shop


The mission of the Lyon Education and Adventure Program's bike shop is to support the development of healthy lifestyles and sustainable communities through cycling.

Our bike programs advocate cycling as a means of health, recreation, and transportation. We seek to make cycling an accessible activity for everyone and to create a bike friendly community.

To do this, we provide quality, affordable bikes, parts, and repair services; we offer educational and instructional opportunities to the community about bike safety, repair, and maintenance.

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About Our Shop
Hours and Contact Information
Bike and Part Sales
Shop Services
Campus Biking Trails

About Our Shop

Customer Service

Professionalism is key.  We aim for every person to know that they are welcome in our shop, for their needs to be met, and for every question to be answered.


We aim to get each bike fixed quickly and efficiently with minimal cost to the customer.


Our bike shop is run by student-mechanics, who have been trained in bike repair and maintenance. The development of our student-mechanics and the experience they gain through their work in the shop allows them to share their knowledge when interacting with shop customers.

Hours and Contact Information

The Bike Shop is open by appointment only. The Bike Shop is not open when the College is closed for holidays. 

If you need assistance outside of our normal operating hours, please contact us at (870) 307-7529 or leap@lyon.edu

The Bike Shop is located at 301 23rd Street, across from the Derby Building. 

Bike Rentals

The Lyon College bike shop offers free rentals to Lyon College students, faculty, and staff. All that is needed is a valid Lyon ID and some quick paperwork.  

Our comfort/cruiser bikes are available for a week at a time. Our road and mountain bikes can be checked out for the day or weekend.

Below are some options available to rent:

Comfort/Crusier Bikes

Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Bike and Part Sales

Retail parts and bikes are available for sale at the Bike Shop. 

Parts Sales

We keep many parts in stock for your convenience. Prices are competitive, so come check us out if you need anything.

We have parts for many types of bikes including: Road, Mountain, Single-Speed, Cruiser, Hybrid, and BMX bikes.

Below is a list of current items and prices:


$6 +


$21.95 +


$12.95 +

Lights (set)





$13.95 - 49.95

Kick Stands


Bottle Cages






Bar Tape


Chain Quick Links


Patch Kits


Other Items Can Be Special Ordered

New Bike Sales Program

Bicycling has all of the advantages of walking and driving with none of the pitfalls. It's fast, efficient, and because it uses no fuel it practically pays for itself in a few weeks. No more searching for parking spaces or walking to class. With bike racks on campus and next to most buildings, Lyon College offers an ideal environment for cyclists to rove campus. 

Lyon College is part of Fuji University, a program that seeks to make bicycles readily available to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of colleges and universities across the United States.  Lyon students, faculty, staff, and alumni are able to purchase a quality made bike at a discounted rate through our bike shop.  Please stop by our shop to discuss this benefit in more detail with one of our knowledgeable staff. 

Below are examples of different bike styles we offer:

Cruiser/Comfort: These bikes are designed for comfort. They are great for campus, local travel, and vacation.  Bikes are available in both the traditional frame style and the step-through frame style for easy on and off.

Hybrid/Commuter: These bikes offer a more upright riding position and have easier pedaling.  They are great for quick, efficient trips on campus and local travels, as well as for longer rides and have tires with more grip than a road bike, but less than a mountain bike for lighter but durable riding on paved roads.

Mountain/Sport: These bikes have a less upright riding position and tires with more aggressive treads.  Whether traveling on campus or on trails they can take you anywhere.  Some options have front suspension while others have a more traditional rigid frame.

Urban: These bikes are designed for the urban dweller who navigates the busy streets of their city, with frequent starts and stops on paved terrain.  This style is made to be light and these bikes have either fixed gears or are single speed.

Road: These bikes offer quick handling, responsive shifting and braking, and have a less upright riding position.  They are quick and light in getting you around campus and across long distances.  They are designed more for performance, speed, and distance.


Shop Services

Our shop mainly services mountain and road bikes owned by students and community members, as well as older cruiser style bikes.

Generally, flat tires take about a half hour. Small repairs and tune-ups can typically be completed in a day.  Major repairs or specific part replacements typically take three to four days to complete.  We will let you know the expected wait time when you bring your bike into the shop.

Below is an overview of the most common services we provide. Prices below indicate the cost of labor. Cost of parts is separate.


Fill Tires with Air


Bearing Adjustment


Bearing Repacked


Brake Adjustment


Gear Adjustment


Tube Replacement


Clean & Lube Chain


Wrap Bars


True Wheel


New Cable


New Housing


Bike Build



Free Assessment

Mechanics perform a complete assessment on every bike that comes into the shop for repairs. Assessments are free, and an essential part of the repair process.

Often, one problem can influence additional problems. When we can assess and understand the functioning of the bike as a whole, we can provide a better and longer lasting repair service. 

Whether you have a specific concern or just want to know the condition of the bike from your garage, we will assess all aspects of your bike and give you an estimate at any time.

Mechanics will assess all bikes for condition of parts including but not limited to:

Pedal and Crank

Damage and Wear


Damage, Dirt, Breakage


Hanger & Derailleurs, Cable Wear, Ease of Shifting

Bottom Bracket

Grinding or Looseness

Frame & Seat

Breakage, Bends, or Rust

Wheels & Tires

Puncture, Rot, Debris, Warp, Wobble, or Grinding


Cable & Pad Wear and Adjustment, Lever Damage



Bicycle tune ups are recommended on an annual basis or every 1,000-3,000 miles. For those who ride in the winter, a spring tune up is important no matter how many miles you've ridden; salt, grime, and moisture can cause rust to build up throughout your bike.

Tune ups can help improve your bike's ride, shifting, and speed. From a Mini Tune-Up to a Mother-Overhaul, we have something to fit every budget to get you cycling smoothly in no time. 

Mini Tune-Up



Levers Lubricated and Secured

Calipers Lubricated and Centered

Pad Alignment and Wear Checked


Levers Inspected and Secured

Cables Lubricated and Adjusted


Clean & Lubricate

Frame & Seat

Secured or Repositioned


Crank Arms, Chain Ring, Bolts, and Pedals Secured

All Accessory Mountings Secured


Full Tune-Up


Full Tune-Up Includes all Services in Mini Tune-Up with the Addition of:


Bottom Bracket

Repacked and Greased

Hub & Headset

Hub Adjustment and Headset Adjustment





Brake & Shifter

Cable and Housing Replaced (cost of parts is included)