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L.A.X. Pod-Series

What is L.A.X.?

L.A.X., the liberal arts experience, is a pod-series that orients new members of the college community to the culture of the liberal arts. These interviews are designed to enable listeners to identify the pillars of the liberal arts ecosystem and the ways in which they can contribute to the liberal arts experience.  


Episode 1: "Only Connect" with Joel Winkleman





Episode 2: "Purpose, Content, Context" with Richard Detweiler 

Episode 3: "Keeping Curiosity Alive" with Hugh Churchill 

Episode 4: "Good Courage" with Elizabeth Lerohl Hiller 

Episode 5: "Thinking Critically about the Game" with Harvell Howard 

Episode 6: "The Right Questions to Ask" with 'Allie' 


Wesley Beal is the creator of L.A.X. He extends special thanks to the series's guests, Dr. Joel Winkelman, Dr. Richard Detweiler, Dr. Hugh Churchill, Rev. Elizabeth Hiller, Dr. Harvell Howard, and "Allie." Thanks also to Dr. Rock Jones for encouragement and support, to the late Dr. John Churchill for inspiration, to Erica Godbolt, Wes Obrigewitsch, and Colton Strader for sound production, and to Boswell for the tunes.