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Interview Skills

Interview Skills

A job interview is your chance to show an employer what he or she will get if you're hired. That's why it is essential to be well prepared for the job interview. Preparing means knowing about the industry, the employer, and yourself. It means paying attention to details like personal appearance, punctuality, and demeanor.

The Career Development Center helps Lyon College students prepare by providing typical interview questions, conducting mock interviews and helping students research positions and employers. Use the resources and links below to get started.

You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression!


Practing Interviews Online

Perfect Interview is an online tool that allows Lyon College students to practice their interview skills wherever and whenever they want. Simply select the length and type of interview you want experience, and a professional interviewer appears on the screen, asking the same challenging questions you might face in a real job interview.

You can repeat each question as often as you like, see a tutorial explaining why the question is being asked, and review examples of how someone else might answer the question. You can even video your responses on your computer and play them back for instant feedback.

Follow this link to create an account with Perfect Interview. You will receive an email with a user ID and password that can be used to log on to Perfect Interview online from any location.


More Resources for Developing Interview Skills

The helpful links below will give you tips on how to prepare for a job interview, how to succeed on an interview, and how to follow up after one. There are a couple of different formats that employment interviews can take. Don't be surprised if the first screening interview is by telephone!

Most companies use either traditional interview questions, behavioral questions or a combination of the two. Check these links for sample questions.


Traditional Interviews

Traditional Job Interview Questions
Questions & Sample Answers


Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral Interviewing
Behavioral Questions


Other Interview Tips:

Ten Tips for Success
Appropriate Attire
Thank You Notes
Handling Improper Questions


Research the Company gives you an inside look at company reviewsinterview questions and salary ranges for 28,000+ companies.