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Immunization Records Health Forms

Immunization and Health Forms

Health Forms

All full-time students are required to complete a health history via the Lyon College Health and Wellness Portal.

After submitting your tuition deposit, you will receive an email titled Portal login information from your doctor's office. Follow the URL hyperlink in the email and use your username and password to log in. It is recommended that you reset your password to something you can remember. To do this, go to the "My Account" tab.

While there, fill out the "Personal Information" and "Additional Information" sections as completely as you like. Some fields are required; these are marked by a red asterisk. Next, go to the "Questionnaires" tab and fill out all questionnaires completely.

If you have trouble with this, please contact Jennifer Pitts at jennifer.pitts@lyon.edu

Immunization Records

Arkansas Law requires all full-time students and all students living on campus to have official documentation of two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) shots or serological immunity or proof of having applied for an exemption on file.

Immunization records are available through any state health department, private clinics, and physician offices. Lyon requires official documentation. 

Acceptable forms of documentation include the immunization records from any state health department, clinic, or physician office with records signed by the physician or authorized representative, military records, or any Arkansas school.

Fax these records to our confidential line: 855.299.3278

*Meningococcal Meningitis Advisement

Meningococcal Meningitis is a rare but potentially dangerous illness. Although the risk of contracting this disease is low for the general population, there is a greater potential risk of outbreaks for college-aged students due to a prevalence of risk factors that are often part of campus life. These risk factors include residence hall living, active and passive smoking, bar patronage, and alcohol consumption. As a preventative measure, the Office of Health and Wellness recommends students check with their health care providers for further information about available vaccines or contact health and wellness at 870.307.7425.

Tuberculosis Screening

Arkansas State Law requires all incoming students who receive instruction in a room with other students and were born in countries where tuberculosis (TB) is endemic to be screened in the U.S. or Canada at least six months prior to or 45 days after enrollment.

A negative TB skin test or blood test (such as T-Spot) are acceptable screening tests. Free TB skin testing is available at the Office of Health and Wellness.

A student who has findings consistent with TB exposure must undergo additional evaluation and/or treatment. The student is responsible for any costs associated with this testing, additional evaluation, and/or treatment.

If you have a current TB certificate, you may mail or fax it to the Health and Wellness Office. If you were born in a foreign country that is NOT listed below, you will need to have a TB screening test within 45 days of your first day of class.

Non-Endemic Countries

America Samoa Luxembourg
Australia Malta
Belgium Monaco
Canada Netherlands
Denmark New Zealand
Finland Norway
France San Marino
Germany St. Kitts and Nevis
Greece St. Lucia
Iceland Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Italy United Kingdom
Jamaica United States
Liechtenstein Virgin Islands

You may mail or fax your records to the following:

Lyon College
Office of Health and Wellness
P.O. Box 2317
Batesville, AR 72503

Fax: 855.299.3278 

Because email is not a secure way to transmit documents, records submitted in this manner cannot be accepted.


*-as required by Arkansas Legislative Act 1233